Financial Services

Today’s business environment in Denmark with low-interest rates and high economic activity requires leaders who can understand and execute on the opportunities that are present while at the same time prepare for what might come.

The Partners at Amrop Denmark have extensive experience from executive search within Financial Services. During the years Amrop Denmark has gained valuable experiences in recruiting executives to leading positions in Financial Services and Private Equity companies.

Amrop Denmark has a similarly strong standing within the Financial Services, having recruited top level executives and senior specialists that have successfully transformed insurance companies, retail and corporate banks as well as international and governmental financial institutions.

Within the Private Equity sector Amrop Denmark has recruited senior executives who have had integral roles in transforming and expanding portfolio companies as well as the investment organisations of the Private Equity companies.

Financial Services Globally

Amrop has recruited executives at every level and position within the Financial Services industry around the world. From Presidents, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, CIOs at:

  • Insurance companies
  • Retail banks
  • Corporate banks
  • Investment banks
  • Private equity.

Using our Context Driven approach to executive search, we find the global-level executives that would find themselves at home in New York, London, Zurich or Singapore, who, at the same time, are an ideal fit for our clients' local requirements / local context. We help inform candidates about our clients' firms, building a comfort level in this crisis environment, and work with you to set expectations and shape the opportunity.

Working closely with our clients, we can help set the foundation for growth that will inevitably follow the end of this particular part of the business and economic cycle.

Click below to meet our Financial Services Global Core Team:

Adam Saunders, Global Practice Leader, London

Alfonso de Goyeneche, Miami

Jason Wagner, Singapore

Willem Ledeboer, Amsterdam

Fintech Rising Globally

Traditional financial institutions are facing increased competition from vibrant new entrants. As evidence, global investment in fintech has grown exponentially - from USD 930mn in 2008 to over USD 12bn in 2014. And investment is expected to have doubled in 2015.

Financial services is a prime area for technological innovation, from the ways in which people save their money, to how they spend it, to the tools they use to invest it – all of these modus operandi are changing more rapidly today than ever before, in every continent.


Amrop’s Global Fintech Practice includes 17 Partners with extensive experience and focus within the financial technology markets. The Practice works closely with a dynamic portfolio of global consultancy firms, financial software solutions and services providers and technology start-ups operating in a series of disrupting sectors: mobile payments, money transfers and loans, fundraising and asset management.

Our Fintech Practice consists of Consultants and Researchers experienced in working with both financial services and technology companies. This dual focus provides a thorough understanding of these two interconnected industries, and is a powerful platform for identifying and hiring forward-looking leaders with the relevant expertise and cultural fit.

Our research-intensive procedures are ingrained in the Amrop DNA, ensuring our clients always have access to the most current trends available.


Amrop's Global Fintech Practice is led by Anthony Barry (EMEA), and supported by Rik Kopelan (USA), and Somya Satsangi (India).